2018 Honda Civic Owners Manual - Adjusting the Seats

Adjusting the Seats

Front Seats

Adjust the driver’s seat as far back as possible while allowing you to maintain full control of the vehicle. You should be able to sit upright, well back in the seat and be able to adequately press the pedals without leaning forward, and grip the steering wheel comfortably. The passenger’s seat should be adjusted in a similar manner, so that it is as far back from the front airbag in the dashboard as possible.

  Adjusting the Seat Positions

* Not available on all models



uuAdjusting the SeatsuFront Seats

Height Adjustment

(Driver side only)

Pull up or push down the lever to raise or lower the seat.

Horizontal Position Adjustment

Pull up on the bar to move the seat, then release the bar.

Driver’s seat is shown.

Seat-back Angle Adjustment

Pull up the lever to change the angle.


* Not available on all models

uuAdjusting the SeatsuFront Seats

    Adjusting the Seat-Backs

Adjust the driver's seat-back to a comfortable, upright position, leaving ample space between your chest and the airbag cover in the center of the steering wheel.

The front seat passenger should also adjust their seat-back to a comfortable, upright position.

Reclining a seat-back so that the shoulder part of the belt no longer rests against the occupant's chest reduces the protective capability of the belt. It also increases the chance of sliding under the belt in a crash and being seriously injured. The farther a seat-back is reclined, the greater the risk of injury.

uuAdjusting the SeatsuHead Restraints

Your vehicle is equipped with head restraints in all seating positions.

Models without SPORT mode

Front head restraints are most effective for protection against whiplash and other rear- impact crash injuries when the center of the back of the occupant’s head rests against the center of the restraint. The tops of the occupant’s ears should be level with the center height of the restraint.

Pull it upward.

Push it down while pressing the release button.


uuAdjusting the SeatsuHead Restraints

Models without SPORT mode

Front head restraints can be removed for cleaning or repair.

Pull the restraint up as far as it will go. Then push the release button, and pull the restraint up and out.

Insert the legs back in place, then adjust the head restraint to an appropriate height while pressing the release button. Pull up on the restraint to make sure it is locked in position.


uuAdjusting the SeatsuMaintain a Proper Sitting Position

After all occupants have adjusted their seats and head restraints*1, and put on their seat belts, it is very important that they continue to sit upright, well back in their seats, with their feet on the floor, until the vehicle is safely parked and the engine is off.

Sitting improperly can increase the chance of injury during a crash. For example, if an occupant slouches, lies down, turns sideways, sits forward, leans forward or sideways, or puts one or both feet up, the chance of injury during a crash is greatly increased.

In addition, an occupant who is out of position in the front seat can be seriously or fatally injured in a crash by striking interior parts of the vehicle or being struck by an inflating front airbag.

*1: Models without SPORT mode

uuAdjusting the SeatsuRear Seats

    Pull the release lever in the trunk to release the lock.
    Fold the seat-back down.

* Not available on all models


uuAdjusting the SeatsuArmrest

The console lid can be used as an armrest.

Slide the armrest to desired position.

Pull down the armrest in the center backrest.


* Not available on all models

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