Compare Honda Civic Dimensions

Twelve-monthly vehicle fan needs tend to make carmakers design modernistic versions with already increased productivity, disparate characteristics, and also metrics. In case you are curious about the very last one and try to detect what dimensions your own Honda Civic features, you can trust our professionals. On this webpage, we provide diversified charts and tables of content along with true statistics respecting the Honda Civic hallmarks, particularly, the very dimensions. Motorists certainly have a lot of requirements to satisfy - succor, flexibility, smooth parking process, efficient gasoline consumption, and others. Accordingly, the dimensions of your Honda Civic can become one of the main aspects to think about when attempting to opt for a modern automobile. So, every driver knows 3 dimensions that include height metrics, width metrics, and length metrics. Firstly, the height for any Honda Civic could be calculated beginning with the bottom and finishing with the highest point. Next, the width is an important aspect for any person, who may have a narrow storage area, as this dimension defines the broadest parts of the Honda Civic excluding mirrors. The final dimension is the length of your Honda Civic and for the purpose to determine if a vehicle driver should evaluate it from the car`s backside towards the front part and lay a device (like a yardstick) on the ground to have the exact data. Typically, a standard automobile length metric is situated between 10 and 18 ft. To conclude, it is possible to definitely do the size features from the Honda Civic alone, yet our company`s vehicle experts have already analyzed the needful auto books of instructions and popular web pages in order for you would effortlessly locate dimensions of the Honda Civic in our charts.


What is Honda Civic dimension?

Civic DimensionsDimensionsin mmin inchesLength4656183.31Width179970.83Height143356.42Wheelbase2700106.3

How many inches long is a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic features a length ranging from 177.3 inches and 182.7 inches and a width ranging from 70.8 to 70.9 inches, depending on trim level of choice.

How many feet long is a Honda Civic?

The length of Your 2021 Honda Civic ranges from 177.9 to 182.7 depending on the trim that You own. The width on Your Honda Civic also ranges from 70.8 to 70.9.

How wide is a Honda Civic trunk?

Dimensions of the Honda Civic

The LX & EX trim options measure in at 56.5 inches tall and 70.8 inches wide, it has 25.7 cu. ft of trunk space. While the Sport trims are 56.3 inches tall and 70.8 inches wide, this generates 22.6 cu. ft of cargo space.

How wide is the back of a Honda Civic?

Width – 70.8 inches. Track (front/rear) – 60.9 inches / 61.5 inches.

How wide are Honda Civic seats?

Honda Civic Seating Features

All trim options have 37.4 inches in rear headroom, 42.3 inches in front leg space and 36 inches in rear leg space. The LX & Sport models offer 39.3 inches in headroom compared to the 37.6 inches of head space the EX & Sport Touring provide.

What is the ground clearance of a Honda Civic?

Let's find out why the brilliant engineers at Honda choose to give the Civic precisely 6.7 inches (171mm) of ground clearance.

How spacious is the Honda Civic?

Interior Dimensions of the CivicCivic Hatchback Cargo/Trunk SpaceCargo Space25.7ft³ (Rear Seat Up) 46.2ft³ (Rear Seat Down)Truck Space25.7ft³ (Rear Seat Up) 46.2ft³ (Rear Seat Down)

How much room is in a Honda Civic?

How much Passenger Volume is on offer? The hatch opening is also 1.6 inches wider than the predecessor, which means loading and unloading cargo will be a hassle-free affair. Regarding passenger volume, the 2022 Civic Hatchback has the same 99.0 cu-ft passenger volume as you'd get on the sedan and the same legroom too.

How much room does a Honda Civic have?

Coupes have 11.9- or 12.1-cubic-foot trunks. Sedans have 15.1- or 14.7-cubic-foot trunks, which is above average. Finally, the hatchback provides a maximum 46.2 cubic feet of space, while space behind the hatchback's rear seats varies, depending on trim: 22.6 or 25.7 cubic feet.

Which Honda is the smallest?

The 2022 Honda HR-V is the brand's smallest SUV and a popular choice in its segment. Compared to other subcompact SUVs, the HR-V boasts an exceptionally roomy and versatile interior, particularly in its rear-seat space and cargo-carrying ability.

What is the smallest car that Honda make?

Go Jazz, drive hybrid

Best Small Car of the Year 2022 winner – the Honda Jazz and Jazz Crossstar both with an advanced hybrid powertrain.

How wide is the back seat of a car?

It ranges from 42 – 66 inches. Rear Shoulder Room – The measurement from one door panel to another on the interior. This is important to consider as the widest part of a car seat is often up above the base. It ranges from 49 – 68 inches.

Do Honda Civics sit low?

Once inside, the level of seat comfort is another source of disagreement among owners: Some claim the seats are comfortable, while others gripe that they are stiff and unsupportive. experts found the 2020 Civic sedan's low front seats to be an asset since they offer increased headroom.

Can ground clearance be increased?

Purchase Larger Tires. One of the easiest and most popular ways to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle is to invest in larger tires. Simply pop on a new set of tires, and voila! Your vehicle has instantly gained an inch or two of ground clearance.

Do Honda Civics have good legroom?

Let Rear Passengers Get Comfy in a Civic

It used to be that small car typically only had room for two average-sized adults in the rear, but that's changing with vehicles like the Civic that grant new levels of rear legroom. The 2016 Honda Civic has 37.4 inches of rear legroom.

Which Honda Civic has the most room?

The Honda Civic that has the most room is the Civic Hatchback at either the LX or Sport trim level. Identical in every other dimension, the lower trim levels offer slightly more headroom than the sportier trims. The Civic hatchback also provides significantly more cargo space than the Sedan.

Does a Honda Civic have enough legroom?

The 2017 Honda Civic's front seats are pleasant and offer a decent amount of support. In sedan and hatchback body styles, the Civic's back seats have more than enough legroom for adults with taller frames. The hatchback model offers slightly more legroom than the sedan.

How many people does the Honda Civic fit?

The Civic seats five people. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, and they offer good outward visibility. Both the sedan and hatchback body styles provide ample second-row space and comfort.

How many bags can fit in Honda Civic?

First, you can see above that the four biggest bags can fit standing up width wise. This is something common among midsize sedans, including the segment-leading Honda Accord.

Can a tall person fit in a Civic?

2021 Civic Sedan

This Honda has an abundance of space in both rows. Even the tallest people can travel in the back and not feel cramped. The back seats even has just as much shoulder room as the front. You get an 8-way power driver's seat and a 4-way power front passenger seat.

Can a 6 foot person fit in a Civic?

Senior Member. I am 6'2", long legs and arms, 190 lbs., had a 2016 Civic LX sedan rental for two days and the legroom and headroom were fine. Pretty comfortable.

Can 6 people fit on Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic Hatchback interior has the versatility any driver wants; with the capacity to hold 5 passengers in two rows of seating or hold whatever drivers need in the trunk with large amounts of storage space.

How wide is a Honda Civic trunk?

Dimensions of the Honda Civic

The LX & EX trim options measure in at 56.5 inches tall and 70.8 inches wide, it has 25.7 cu. ft of trunk space. While the Sport trims are 56.3 inches tall and 70.8 inches wide, this generates 22.6 cu. ft of cargo space.